TimeHunk 1.0

Simple, functional time management app


  • Attractive
  • Skinnable


  • Limited functions


TimeHunk is a simple, skinnable time management app for Mac.

TimeHunk Works by allowing you to set time slices of whatever length you want. You can also create different time slices, so for example, 40 minutes of study followed by 10 minutes of rest. These slices can be created and modified in the program preferences.

This app is pretty attractive – there are about 5 different styles, ranging from a simple progress bar to an attractive stopwatch. The preferences aren’t extensive, but they will allow you to keep TimeHunk to the front of your window and set an alarm to go off when a slice completes.

For a small, free app, TimeHunk works and looks good. You can’t help feeling, however, that it’s a little limited – the time slices feel inflexible and it wasn’t always clear when one had stopped and the next began.

TimeHunk looks good and, on a basic level, works fine. There’s better time management apps out there though.

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TimeHunk 1.0

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